Immigrant Access Fund: Social Finance Strategy

Social Finance Strategy

Immigrant Access Fund

January 2014 – present

Kelly Gauthier
Mathu Jeyaloganathan

About the Project

The Immigrant Access Fund (IAF) is dedicated to providing character-based micro loans to internationally trained immigrants to help them pay for the costs of obtaining the licensing and training they need to work in their field in Canada. IAF has approved more than 1500 loans totalling over $8 million since 2005 in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and is now expanding across Canada.

As part of this expansion, IAF was interested in exploring how social finance models could provide additional opportunities and structures to secure loan capital for their work. Purpose Capital has worked with IAF since January 2014 to educate them on the social finance landscape and to craft a social finance strategy for securing additional loan capital.

Purpose Capital is pleased to be an on-going partner of IAF as they execute this strategy to be able to provide more loans to immigrants across Canada.