Social Finance Awareness in the Canadian Financial Sector

Social finance issues and opportunities as perceived by the financial sector in Canada.

Employment and Social Development Canada


Karim Harji
Hilary Best
Assaf Weisz
Alex Kjorven

About the Project

Purpose Capital published a nation-wide study that provides insight into the issues and opportunities for social finance as perceived by the Canadian financial sector.

The report identifies several key themes related to the level of awareness of social finance, as well as the challenges faced by financial institutions, asset managers, financial advisors, and investors.The report proposes strategies to build awareness across the financial sector, and provides recommendations to help advance social finance in Canada.

This report was published in both official languages, with support from ESDC.
Executive Summary – English [PDF] Executive Summary – French [PDF] Download the Full Report – English [PDF] Download the Full Report – French [PDF]