State of the Nation: Impact Investing in Canada

Market information and analysis on impact investing in Canada

MaRS Centre for Impact Investing
RBC Foundation

June 2013 – March 2014

Karim Harji
Hilary Best
Mathu Jeyaloganathan
Kelly Gauthier

About the Project

As interest and activity around impact investing continues to grow in Canada, so does the demand for information around trends and opportunities. The State of the Nation Report provides updated information and analysis that can inform both new and existing actors in the impact investment sector.

The report, released in March 2014, was jointly authored by Purpose Capital and the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing.This report has several related objectives:

  • To describe impact investing and how it is developing across the country
  • To assess current impact investing activity across sectors, regions and asset classes
  • To share examples of investments that integrate financial returns and social impact
  • To identify trends, issues and challenges across market segments
  • To prioritize recommendations to allow impact investing to fulfill its potential
Executive Summary – English Full Report – English Full Report – French