Purpose Capital Projects

We co-design and partner to launch investment opportunities and market-building initiatives for the impact economy with a focus on the environment, education, and social purpose real estate.

Purpose Capital’s Projects practice partners with leading investors and institutions to craft and launch systems-level initiatives that advance the impact economy.

We work with key decision makers within established institutions, NGOs, corporates and philanthropies to launch major initiatives (projects, spaces, platforms) that advance the impact economy and give rise to impact investment opportunities. We prefer to work with our partners over a long duration, and throughout all stages of an initiative’s life cycle.

We have a particular focus on projects in the areas of the environment, education, and social purpose real estate.

Our Process

1. Exploration

At the outset we identify the vision and core objectives, and conduct foundational research that contributes to producing options for possible project designs. We also conduct a background assessment of our client’s capacity and consider what other stakeholders should be engaged in the process.

2. Co-Design

Once we have identified an initial design and 12 month roadmap for the project, we work in close collaboration with Investment Advisory practice to develop an impact investment strategy (including the development of a business and financial model package where required). We also develop key partnerships with external organizations, and assist the client in stewarding the project through their internal governance process.

3. Implementation

During and after launch, we co-manage the implementation of the project through its evolution. We assist the client with communications, partner convenings, and other key activities as needed, and act as trusted advisor to the senior leadership. In parallel, we refine the impact investment strategy and advise the client on how to engage impact investors.

4. Impact

Early on in the process, we work with the client to determine the key metrics and map them onto project objectives. We institute systems for data collection and analysis at the outset, and use aggregated insights to drive the evolution of the project. Finally, we publish both internally and externally facing publications describing hypotheses, successes, failures and pivots.

Featured Clients

We have worked with leading Canadian and global institutions, NGOs, corporates and philanthropies.

RECODE: J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

Launching a national fund & network to establish social innovation ecosystems on campuses across the country.
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Addressing affordable housing: City of London

Creating strategy for the development and implementation of a housing development corporation in the City of London (Ontario).
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Co-working space: Pillar NonProfit

Launching a co-working space in downtown London (Ontario) to facilitate social innovation and community engagement.
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