Purpose Capital Advisors

Purpose Capital’s Advisory practice guides and supports investors as they strive to integrate impact considerations across their portfolios.

Purpose Capital’s Advisory practice has worked with a variety of individual and institutional investors to explore and develop impact investment strategies that meet their financial and social goals.

Through our Advisory practice, Purpose Capital guides and supports investors as they strive to integrate impact goals across their portfolios. We work with clients to understand their investment approach, analyze impact parameters, and determine impact themes. We examine a client’s portfolio approach and how impact is integrated into, or complements, a balanced portfolio.

We help to construct, balance, execute and manage all aspects of the impact portfolio through customized approaches rooted in the unique perspective of each investor. We integrate our market research and on-the-ground knowledge of impact investment opportunities to expose our clients to the most relevant and exciting opportunities. We perform financial and impact due diligence on investment opportunities to inform decision-making, and monitor financial and social performance to targets.


The following spectrum of services is how we work with clients. These services can be packaged as a retained service to create a comprehensive impact investing program or in isolation for a discrete project.

Become aware
Discover the landscape
  • In-depth review of current global, national, and local impact investment activity, including case studies of investors, advisors and competitors
  • Scan of impact investment examples and opportunities by asset class, sector, geography, financial return and impact
Become informed
Understand the sector
  • Work with boards, investment committees, sustainability councils, and other stakeholders to educate them on the state of impact investing
  • Overviews often include: impact investing landscape, opportunity assessment, competitive analysis, and challenges/issues
Plan to act
Plan to act
  • Investor diagnostic: strategy (mission, vision, theory of change), investment approach, impact themes, investment parameters, current portfolio
  • Develop customized impact investing strategy, aligned with strategic, mission and investment objectives
Translate intention to action
  • Develop impact investment policies and incorporate into the existing investment and operational policies
  • Consider asset allocation strategies for the impact portfolio and align with mainstream portfolio
  • Determine portfolio management approach and interplay with mainstream portfolio/management, working with portfolio managers
Due diligence
Investment Search & Due Diligence
  • Manage a search process, according to the impact strategy and objectives of the given round of funding
  • In-depth screening of available impact investment opportunities suited to the impact strategy
  • Detailed due diligence on select opportunities that meet established investment criteria
Impact measurement
Impact measurement and reporting
  • Establish and implement an impact metrics approach, including specific impact investments, and ESG assessment of the mainstream portfolio
  • Using this approach, monitor and report on investments against social and financial goals
  • Determine tools and communications to capture this reporting
Featured Clients

We have worked with leading Canadian and international investors, including foundations and financial institutions.

Social Impact Investing White Paper: TD Bank Financial Group

Review of impact investing trends, sectors, products, and actors across North America, and framed potential areas of engagement and opportunity for TD Bank.
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Mission-Related Investment Strategy: Inspirit Foundation

Define, implement and monitor a mission-related investment (MRI) programs to inspire pluralism among young Canadians of different spiritual, religious and secular backgrounds.
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Social Finance Strategy: Immigrant Access Fund

Applying social finance to facilitate expansion in capital and supports for internationally-trained immigrants for obtaining the licensing and training to work in Canada.
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